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    The Comedy News For 02/11/16

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    The 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comic Trends

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      New Ranking: Editing Jokes 2/2: Consistent Characters

      Writing about yourself usually starts with writing about how you look and feel. Editing starts when you have how you look and how you feel down pat. Writing about secondary characters also begins with the same, simple physical observations. Where should you start editing the other characters in your act? Don't start by editing the jokes. Edit the characters themselves. Make them believable. Bring them to life by asking yourself questions. Do the characters make sense? Do the images flow logically from the jokes the characters deliver? For instance, if one character is getting dates left and right, yet your audience is visualizing a poorly dressed slob, something is wrong. Start with the following questions: What type of character is this: Real, fictional, or a composite? What is the person's name? How do they look? Are they fat, slim, or athletic? How ... [Read Entire Article]

      Posted March 0, 2003 by Shayne Michael under Editing Jokes

      Recent Biographies [+]

      Comedian Headshot.Dennis Wolfberg was born on March 29th, 1946 in Long Island, N.Y. He was best known an American stand up comedian and actor who was one of the most distinctive voices in comedy. As he talked, Wolfberg’s would squint as if he were squeezing his words out like kidney stones. His bulging eyes and trademark emphasis on certain words made him a stand-up comedy staple during the early days of the Stand-up Comedy Boom. In addition to stand-up comedy, Wolfberg was also known for his recurring role on Quantum Leap. Deeply affected by a high school friend’s terminal cancer, we would also help organize two all-star benefits in 1990 and 1991 in order to help bring Gilda Radner’s Wellness Community to Santa Anna. Ironically, he would also die of cancer himself only three years later. When he died, Wolfberg was only 48 years old. Prior to Comedy, Wolfberg’s interest was in teaching. He had ... [Read Entire Bio]

      Posted 02/11/16 by Shayne Michael under Stand-Up Comic

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