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3253 Beverly Blvd
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The Comedy News For 07/25/14

Comedy Fan Corner [+]

... This is only a test

Posted August 16, 2013 by Shayne Michael under Site Maintenence for All | No Comments | Bookmark

Comedy Etc Show Recap 08-25-2012

Last night I thought we would have a decent turn out for the booked show and the open mic. I was correct. For our third show, we had our longest list so far with twenty performers. We had a high energy crowd, that reminded me of the Joke Gym at its best. We paid all our feature performers. Thanks to Jeff Leon for his unique musical comedy. I think someone put caffeine in Jeff's caffeine. For two of those performers, Scott Shimamoto and Tracie Walker, we wished them a happy birthday in style. We had a cake and Red Velvet Cookies for the audience. A separate cake for our headliner and feature. And they were paid. How many shows can say that?

Read the entire show recap here....

Posted August 26, 2012 by Shayne Michael under Comedy Etc for All | No Comments | Bookmark

The 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comic Trends

Comedian Corner [+]

The Cadence Of Comedy

What does it mean when someone says your timing is off? Tonight material that always works fell flat. And I started to wonder why. It may have been the same material I always do, but it wasn't in the same order. It wasn't delivered with the same subtle inflections. I didn't deliver it remotely close to the manner I usually do. At one point my dad dying of stage four cancer got a sympathy applause break. Talk bout throwing the audience for a loop. I've had sympathy laughter before; I have never had a sympathy applause break. On the drive home I realized the cadence was wrong. There's a reason I sometimes will work in a story with a long set up. I used to think it was to get the audience to practice listening. Tonight I realized I use long stories to intentionally change the cadence of the delivery.

Read More

Posted September 10, 2012 by Shayne Michael under Timing for All | No Comments | Bookmark

No matter how much good you do, someone will always find a way not to appreciate it.

Posted August 27, 2012 by Shayne Michael under Intermission for All | No Comments | Bookmark

The Importance Of Humility In Comedy

It's one thing to have faith in yourself. It's one thing to feel you deserve the best. It's one thing to be constantly be seeking better opportunities, so that you can leave the old ones that aren't paying the bills behind. But it's quite another thing to constantly put down other performers who don't reach your level of genius. Yes, I know this is the exception to the rule. I realize not many people who fit this mold, but when you cross the path of performers with no humility, boy do they stick out.

Post something inspirational, they respond with something sarcastic. Get booked in the same line up, they publicly wonder how the two of you ended up in the same show. Someone thanks you for being a part of the show, they ask why.

Humility means recognizing, no matter how often you're on stage, there is still something for you to learn and places to grow. The minute a comic rejects this lesson, the comic they are is the last comic they will ever be. Comedy, unlike music, suffers very quickly from becoming dated, even when it is not based on the news. A comic that never changes, because ironically they think they know everything, will never change. They're the same comic today they were yesterday. They remain static, while the audiences will be dynamic, changing and waiting for something new. Surprise, a comic that never changes, may once have been brilliant, but will quickly become irrelevant to the changing audiences living in changing times.

That said, I'm writing this to get it out of my system, as the people who need to hear it will never listen, otherwise I would have named names.

Posted August 26, 2012 by Shayne Michael under Humility for All | No Comments | Bookmark

Upcoming Stand-Up Comedy Seminars

Recent Articles For Comedians [+]

New Ranking: Just Say No To Bringer Shows

Note this pamphlet is made free due to the importance of its contents. Please spread and distribute what I have written. I think it's very important we all take a firm stand on this issue now. - ShayneM Comics who first start might feel that a room where you can go up regardless of experience is a good idea. These rooms, often called bringer rooms, will give novices stage time. In return you bring ten people. The booker makes the money. You pack the room. And get nothing but a second rate tape in return. Good deal? No When you play a bringer room, you support what I call, Supply Side Comedy. Supply side comedy takes no account for demand. An audience demands to be entertained. Your friends don't have the same concerns. They just want to see you do well. This type of false feedback causes a viscous cycle. #1 It prevents you from growing. #2 It may... [Read Entire Article]

Posted May 0, 2002 by Shayne Michael under Bringer Shows

Recent Biographies [+]

Comedian Headshot.Stephnie Weir was born Stephnie Carmel Weir on November 28th, 1967 in Odessa, California on the same day as Anna Nicole Smith. Smith is coincidentally also Weir's most notorious and well-received celebrity impression. Today Weir is an American actress and comedian best known as a former cast member on the sketch comedy series MADtv. Her early influences were her family, particularly her father, a car salesman, and a Manís man who had an artistic side and acted in community theatre. Weirís childhood was untraditional. Many of her characters and sketch material came from her unique upbringing. Early on she attended Odessa Junior College, majoring in theater and broadcasting. While attending college, she worked as mail carrier while simultaneously performing in plays including Oklahoma and The Firebug at Odessa's Globe Theatre. In 1989, Weir met and married Sean Benjamin. Togeth... [Read Entire Bio]

Posted 07/25/14 by Shayne Michael under comic actor

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