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    The Comedy News For 05/28/17

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    The 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comic Trends

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      New Ranking: Twelve Types Of Joke Structure

      This essay discusses twelve types of joke structures. These structures are common patterns that I've noticed among popular jokes. In each case I included examples and how to best utilize each type of structure while avoiding its pitfalls. In case you're wondering, this list doesn't mean there aren't a hundred other ways to construct a joke. These are simply twelve of the most common. They include: Redefinition & Retitling Definition Through Obvious Exclusion Statistical Analysis Inappropriate Suggestions For Personal Safety Not Using Euphemisms Where Appropriate Bringing Euphemisms Home Underplaying Damages With Understatements Overplaying Damages To Get Your Way Analyzing Errors In Sentence Structure Inappropriate Personal Settings Logical Mismatch Asking The Obvious Questions It's not important that... [Read Entire Article]

      Posted July 0, 2003 by Shayne Michael under Writing

      Recent Biographies [+]

      Comedian Headshot.Bill Engvall was born William Ray Engvall Jr. on July 27th, 1957 in Galveston, Texas. Today Engvall is best known as an American stand-up comedian and a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. He has also garnered growing fame for his TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show, which debuted in 2007. He uses yje catchphrase "Here's your sign” to describes people who ask questions to which the answers should be obvious, and in the process, shows these people to be stupid. Contrary to popular belief, Engvall is not the cousin of Jeff Foxworthy, though he does consider Foxworthy his best friend. In college, Engvall was a member of Xi Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order at Southwestern University in Georgetown. While at college, he worked at Inner Space Caverns. In 1982, he married Mary Gail Watson Gail Engvall. They remain married to date and have two children named Emily and Travis. Before co... [Read Entire Bio]

      Posted 05/28/17 by Shayne Michael under stand-up comic

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