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    The Comedy News For 01/21/18

    Specific News Story

    The Comic Bible Magazine Is Back

    By Shayne Michael:

    About ten years back, when I used to run the Novel Cafe in Santa Monica I had a magazine on hand called the Comic Bible. The magazine was such a high quality publication for stand-up comics, that on more than one occasion, by the end of the night, a copy or two would be stolen. Now, nearly ten years later, that exceptional resource for comedians is back out with a new issue and publishing again, which is very fortunate for ths stand-up comedy industry itself. Now since then, there have been other publications that went by similar names. Make no mistake, this is the original Comic Bible. Whether you want to call it the Comedy Bible or the Comic Bible, this is the magazine that gave pull to the name. No other publication before or after it has included the quanity or the quality of information this magazine has delivered to up and comming comedians and seasoned pros on a regular basis. The new issue, which is the first in nearly ten years, includes interviews with J. Anthony Brown, Paul Provenza, producer of the documentary the Aristocrats, and the Journeyman Jim Gaffigan. Also included is current information on clubs, festivals, open mics and so many other bells and whistles I'd have to write a novel worth of information to describe. This is the original Gospel according to Set Up and Punch. The quanity and caliber of the information they provide is worth far more than the $10 news stand price so I want to encourage every stand up comic I know to friend them on Facebook now and like the Fan page for the magazine now. Even if the only thing you're seeing is their status updates, you'll still have a leg up on every comic who can't.

    Seriously friend the Comic Bible on Facebook.

    And like the magazine's Fan Page.

    Do it or the puppy dies. And I know you don't want blood on your hands.

    Posted July 28, 2011 by Shayne Michael under Comedian Resources / Accessed 1962 times.

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