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    The Comedy News For 01/21/18

    127 Featured Articles On Comedy by Shayne Michael | Interactive Quiz

    Title | Reset | CategorizeMonthYearReadsRanking
    Defending Against Stolen MaterialJune20042297
    Editing Jokes 1/2: Understanding HooksFebruary20033070
    Writing About How You FeelSeptember20032519
    You Must Give To Get BackApril20041489
    Writing About How You LookApril20021798
    Performing Like A ProJune20031861
    Writing About RelationshipsAugust20021895
    Star Trek IVFebruary20041717
    The Rise and Fall of Stand-up ComedyJanuary199415274
    Comedian BurnoutApril20032213
    Writing About PoliticsJanuary20031969
    The Laughter Store SpreadMay20041661
    Wild Coyotes: The Latin ApolloJuly20041625
    Great Comics ListenSeptember20051902
    How To Be A Low Key EmceeJanuary20061844
    The Thin Line Between A Friend, A Fan And A ColleagueMay20061440
    Rehearsing Stand-Up Comedy 101May20066831
    Truth Is The Core Of ComedyJuly20061730
    The Cost Of Bad Mouthing Other ComicsMay20071898
    Six Common Open Mic MistakesMay20072572
    Setting The Right GoalsJuly20071578
    Setting Long-Term GoalsFebruary20081854
    Syndicate Submission GuidelinesFebruary200829923
    Nine Things I Learned In Twenty Years Of ComedyFebruary20081524
    Open Mic Longevity - The Kerry Arnold Stephens InterviewFebruary20082076
    Ten Inconvenient Truths All Artists Should UnderstandAugust20091193
    Analyzing The Subjective Nature Of ComedySeptember20091749
    The Good Ole Boys Comedy ClubSeptember20091409
    Ten Pervasive Myths About Stand-Up ComedyDecember20092229
    What Makes an Open Mic Comedian CompellingAugust20104310
    Promotions 202August20111498
    Comparing Chris RockJuly20031812
    Becoming An LA Paid RegularJanurary200312375
    I'll Never Play A Coffee HouseMay20021763
    9 Principals Of Writing Comedy WellJanuary20068046
    Creating A PersonaFebruary20084543
    Dealing With Failure On StageAugust20031749
    How To Run An Open MicOctober20022185
    Are You Everything That's Wrong With ComedySeptember20052223
    Writing Tags 101February20084758
    Just Say No To Bringer ShowsMay20024378
    Open Mic FAQJune20021850
    Breaking Down The AristocratsMay20061651
    Mel Brooks On Writing ParodyMay20074661
    Mining For PremisesFebruary20087463
    An Interview With Syndicated Humor Columnist Peter McKayFebruary20083029
    Do You Deserve To Be FamousMay20021533
    Are You FunnyJune20022176
    No Premise Is HackJanuary20032914
    Road Comedy On A Shoesting BudgetApril20045575
    The Dante InterviewJuly20041989
    Editing Jokes 2/2: Consistent CharactersMarch20032027
    Investing In YourselfFebruary20041784
    Choosing A Writing PartnerMarch20031505
    The Road Comic's DictionarySeptember20031437
    Moving To Public SpeakingDecember200313406
    Lawrence: a Lesson in Shock ComedyJuly200463802
    Twelve Types Of Joke StructureJuly200346307
    The Character Of ComedyOctober20031881
    The Psychiatric Comedy TourAugust20031877
    Unlocking The Secrets To Stand-Up ComedyFebruary20092394 !
    Crossing The LineFebruary20041787
    What Is Christian ComedyFebruary20041936
    Just Correct Comedy - Breaking Down Ralphie MayFebruary20083913
    Why Comedy Clubs Need Paid PromotersJanuary20032803
    Dr. Stragelove: Historical ComediesMarch20032022
    I'm In Hell (I Blame the Booker)August20031451
    Some Like It Hotter: Classic FilmsApril20031721
    Understanding US Copyright LawJune20042202
    How To Register a Stand-up ActJune20041504
    Road Comedy 1: Life On The RoadNovember20021701
    Road Comedy 2: Tailoring Your ActNovember20021415
    Road Comedy 3: Adapting On StageJanuary20031535
    Road Comedy 4: Editing Montana for LANovember20031784
    Road Comedy 5: Looking BackMarch20041656
    How Not To Book A Road TourJune20042052
    The Sitcom Writer's ChecklistOctober20032146
    Defining Success In ComedyOctober20021438
    Analyzing TootsieApril20031576
    Proving You're UnprofessionalMarch20041389
    Understanding the WGAJune20041587
    Unprofessional TeachersMay20022339
    Don't Start With the ClimaxMarch20031745
    Headlining HistoryMrach20041504
    Improv ComedyMarch20041661
    Opening Comedy ClubsJune20021529
    Opportunity Knocks OnceApril20041604
    Twelve Tips and Two Reasons for Approaching AgentsApril20032257
    Eric Edwards On One Man ShowsMay20042228
    Making The Most Out of ManagersApril20031755
    Paid Promoters Vs. BringersOctober20021862
    How To Bring Down The BringerMay20021647
    Eliminating Con Artists In Comedy Development DealsSeptember20061428
    Ten Things I Learned In 300 BlogsNovember20063959
    Making Hack Comedy Original AgainDecember20062070
    Why Being A Comedian's Only Ĺ About Being FunnyFebruary20071732
    The Balance Between Art And Commercialism In ComedyMarch20071528
    Learning From Dennis LearyAugust20072305
    Iíve Come To Understand The True Definition Of An ArtistNovember20071278
    The Top 100 Comedians Of All Time On ComedyFebruary20083928
    Deuce Bigalow - Lousy Movie GigoloFebruary20081957
    Overcoming Obstacles In ComedyFebruary20081603
    Shotgun ComedyFebruary20081447
    Billy Crystal Wins Mark Twain AwardNovember20071697
    The High Price of DreamsFebruary20081398
    Uncommon Open Mic MistakesFebruary20081707
    The Lighter Side Of Dark ComedyFebruary20081394
    Comedy Condo EtiquetteFebruary20081808
    Writing A Fantasy Comedy: Breaking Down The GhostbustersFebruary20081420
    Writing A Contract In Stand-up ComedyFebruary20084412
    Letting Go Of The LaughsFebruary20081397
    Twelve More Types Of JokesFabruary20081746
    Donít Let Humility Hold You BackFebruary20081351
    Eight Elements Of Compelling ComedyFebruary20081599
    A Little Bit On Extra Work Ė The Norma Jean Riddick InterviewFebruary20081625
    What Kind Of Impact Will Your Art Have?February20081224
    The 411 On Storytelling - Breaking Down Bill CosbyFebruary20083196
    One Upping The ClimaxFebruary20091224 !
    Booking EthicsFebruary20091150 !
    A Brief History Of VaudevilleFebruary20093713 !
    The History of the Marx BrothersFebruary20092498 !
    Writing A Comedy Radio ShowFebruary20091113 !
    Doing What's Best For The ShowSeptember20091130
    Why I Don't Worry About Comics Stealing JokesSeptember20091696
    When Comedy Comes From PainOctober20091994
    Comedians In ContextOctober20091454
    Why Comics Burn OutNovember20091738

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