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    The Comedy News For 01/21/18

    Eight Ways To Answer A Wrong Number

    1. She can't talk to you until the exorcism is complete.
    2. Don't you understand she won't make parole for at least another year.
    3. Call back in fifteen minutes, she's making a sex tape right now.
    4. How many times do I have to change my number before you understand we're through?
    5. I'm surprised you called after what she said about your mom.
    6. She's busy applying for a concealed weapon permit right now.
    7. Thank God you called doc, the anti-psychotics just wore off.
    8. Look, the girl you keep trying to reach isn't real. Get help now!
    9. There's something you need to know about the bull that ran into the stands.

    Just why do you need a credit card number to tell me my credit score?

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    Posted August 22, 2010 by Shayne Michael under Telephones

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